🌱 0.23g of CO2 is produced from visiting this website
Temperature: 14.71Β°C
Humidity: 1014.4hPa
Pressure: 27.41%
Oxidised: 31.4kO
Light: 400.74 Lux
NH3: 343.84kO

Field Paint Testing


β€˜Field Paint Testing’; a lamium project exploring the weathering of shades through north east air.

Sound Performance of collected and altered field recordings and responding live instrumentals.

Centring around Deep Listening practices, Saoirse Horne creates sound works through a digital means of collating and altering field recordings, layered to mimic modern orchestral minimalism. The work is influenced by space and acoustic resonance, taking the digital-made pieces and allowing them to work in specific acoustic spaces.

Graduating in 2022 from Painting at Gray’s School of Art, these audio-paintings have developed alongside a drawing practice which finds itself centred in ideas of ephemerality and fixation, harmony and cacophony.